One Car, No Microwave….No Problem!

Back in the 50′s this dilemma saved money! True…having one vehicle was the norm, and microwaves were not for sale until the mid 60′s….but this presented “No Problem” for the clever housewife!

After the husband drove to work, many women walked to the store for a bag or two of groceries…they went often therefore did not need much each visit. Not only was it free transportation (hoofing it is still free) but it provided her some time away from the house.

The convenience of a microwave (now termed NUKING) was unheard of, and for most families, far too expensive when announced for sale by Amana in the 60′s for a whopping $500.00! Meals were planned ahead and cooked for longer periods of time. A model for success…as true today as it was back then!

Here’s a tried and true tip: IF IT TAKES YOU LONGER IT WILL SAVE YOU MONEY!”  Not hard to remember right?

Walking to the store vs. driving to the store (think of gas prices)…planning ahead and making a grocery list vs. shopping on a whim for dinner…cheaper cuts of meat vs. expensive tender pieces of meat….YOU GET THE IDEA!

By carefully stocking your pantry with key ingredients you will find that you can take advantage of surprise sales and clearance items, knowing that you already have items on hand to make a great meal. For example…I will forever have flour, spices, leavening agents, sugar, and yeast on hand. I fill the freezer with cheap cuts of meat and chicken pieces whenever I see them on sale, whether I need them or not. Huge pork shoulders, tough roasts, and chicken thighs  can take a while to prepare correctly…but when you have the time to do it right you end up with tender meat that tastes great, and has saved you an incredible amount of money over the tender, less time-consuming meats.

Case in point, I recently went to the store and found one of my favorite stickers slapped on a jug of buttermilk. I believe I could spot one of these colorful little stickers from a mile away, they send off little “blips” and if ya watch…many women have their radars turned on. You gotta be quick though, these stickered items go flying into the buggies of smart women everywhere! Anyways, back to the buttermilk….

If you notice, the expiration date is still a ways off, and the sale price brought this jug down to a dollar! I bought the two they had left and walked away a very happy girl.

Knowing that I had the basics in my pantry, and recalling that I had just bought a large package of chicken thighs on sale….you know where I’m heading with this right? YAHTZEE!!!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken….. Because I bought two of these jugs, for the cost of a few scoops of flour and a small bit of leavening, I can also make buttermilk biscuits! That’s what I call a TWO-FER! Throwing some potatoes in a pot and hand mashing will complete the southern “gut-buster” Friday night meal. I tell myself that I will have all weekend to work it off, it makes it ok in my mind!

Not to mention I have all those walks to the grocery store to help burn calories :o

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