The Cost of Brightening Someone’s Day? $2.50

A quick trip through Wal-Mart with my nine-year old son proved to be a great experience…..on many levels.

As we went through the check out line with our groceries Chase, my son, spotted an elderly woman sitting on a bench near the doors. He asked me, “Mom why does that lady look sad?”  I quickly glanced over and determined he was correct. The woman was obviously waiting on someone as she kept looking at a particular line, however did not look very happy.

Now I had a choice as a parent. I could walk out of the store and not give the woman another thought, or I could turn this into a learning lesson for my child. We walked over to the display of single flowers and I asked my son to pick one out for the woman on the bench. He looked at me rather strangely and I told him I would explain later. He picked out a lovely soft pink rose and took it through the checkout line, smiling at me as he paid the $2.50.

I suggested that he say something kind to her and hand her the rose, and allowed my son to take it from there. He shyly walked over to her, stuck out the rose and quietly said, “I wanted to give you this and tell you to have a great day.” She bent forward and said, “Pardon me?” Chase was a little nervous upon having to repeat the process but exclaimed a little louder…”I WANTED TO GIVE YOU THIS AND TELL YOU TO HAVE A GREAT DAY!” I giggled…he was loud enough to attract a small audience!

The woman smiled ear to ear and said to my son, “Well bless your little heart!”

Chase walked back to me beaming and we walked to our car. He quickly asked me why we had bought that rose. I explained how people used to treat the elderly with great respect and make sure they were well taken care of and loved. That young men, such as himself, should try their best to bring a smile to a woman’s face. I asked him to explain the difference in that lady’s face when we first saw her, and how he would say she looked as we left.

He smiled at me and nodded his little head. I believe he understands the importance…all for $2.50!

This shopping trip was a success…a lesson taught, a moral instilled, and an elderly woman knowing that young boys are still learning the lessons that she probably taught a child or two in her days of child rearing.

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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  1. Barbara

    Could well be the best $2.50 you have or ever will spend.

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