Establishing a Rewarding Chore Routine…Printable Chart

I don’t know about you…but those magical little elves never visit my home and complete all my work while I sleep! If you have them, please..I BEG you to send them my way!

A house IS work…sandwich those two words together and ya get HOUSEWORK, also labeled CHORE! There’s just no way to make it sound appealing…ESPECIALLY to children.

However, with a little encouragement and organization, youngsters can become responsible and quite helpful..after a little foot dragging of course :)

I admit, there’s still certain chores that I have a hard time turning over the reins on… DISHES- I’m guilty of rewashing after the kids. Laundry- just might forever be a NO NO! I’m sure you have your own list of “I’d rather just do it myself” chores..THAT’S FINE! There are PLENTY of chores that are kid friendly, and the help is always nice. It teaches them to work as part of the family unit, and they begin to develop a greater sense of awareness for what it takes to manage a home.

I still laugh when one of my children clean something and then get disturbed when someone else messes it up!


You know that toilet, that you dribble on?? YA I CLEAN THAT…but don’t worry, it’ll be clean for the next time :)

Anyways..enough ranting

I created this “FAMILY” chore chart….When everyone can see the tasks assigned to each member of the family, it reaffirms that you work as a team..that EVERYONE does a job.

Now for the important step…the part that- like it or not- helps to ensure success. It might take a few weeks for the routine to stick, and for the foot-dragging to stop. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Kids are incentive driven…whether that is simple praise or an actual prize depends on your family.

I do not hand out allowance, I was taught that people help and work together because that is what a family DOES! That my chores were how I helped the family out. I can honestly say that I don’t pay for good behavior or good grades…I do expect my kids to behave correctly and do their best at school, no matter what their best it.

I DEFINITELY believe in reward…kids thrive when complimented, even if you don’t see it. When a “tangible” reward is needed, I put my clever mom cap on and disguise “family time” as something awesome!

Pizza night…kids get to help create their own pizzas and maybe get a movie. (Mom sneakily has them in the kitchen and GOSH DARN..more working together) I’m a sly devil

So here’s my chart…It is clickable, printable and customizable! List the chores you would like help with or that are kid-friendly. Gather the team and LET THEM PICK which chore (or chores) they would like for the week. Put the rule in place that each week they must select a new chore, nobody likes doing the same thing over and over. Make sure you show a chore for the adults in the home as well!


Just to be a pain….I’m thinking about assigning my husband his LEAST favorite chore….KEEPING TRACK OF HIS KEYS!  It’s a standing joke in the home and part of what makes him so loveable…but really- his keys are FOREVER lost the moment he gets home. I giggle in my own brain and quash the urge to say “Where was the last place ya had em?”

Everyone can write their names on the left side, next to the chore they claim. At the end of the week, take a moment to discuss with each child how the chore went for the week. If there was an honest effort given, check it off with your name, check mark, or sticker depending on the age of your children. Ask them their thoughts on how it went…what was easy or difficult about the chore.

Encourage everyone to get their chore check off to help “earn that family reward”! You will laugh when you overhear the kids telling each other to get their chores done. It’s better than sliced bread :)

Would love to hear how this works in your home, or if you use a similar process.

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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  1. Tillie

    This is best idea I have heard of yet. Thank you!

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