Buffalo Chicken Burgers (aka Man-Pleasers)

Let’s talk about pairings for a second shall we….

Like peanut butter and jelly

or pork and beans….

Or how about the divine way that alfredo sauce covers a fettucine noodle perhaps?

It doesn’t even come NEAR how perfectly soft squishy buns go with buffalo chicken! (just humor me)

This is a half cloud short of HEAVEN…I ain’t kidding :)

ok Ok OK I can’t stop myself…..I’m going to flip my usual format around and show ya the finished product FIRST

Just in case I haven’t hooked ya quite yet….READY???

Grab a napkin…….

Aaannnd catch the drool :)

See that adorable little oozey dribble…..that’s liquid gold honey!

This is a disgustingly simple recipe and one of the best “MAN-PLEASERS” I know!

Boneless Buffalo Chicken Burger

4 chicken breast

8 buns- soft and squishy

1 small bottle Franks buffalo style hot sauce

1/2 cup butter



condiments of your choice (mustard, mayo, ranch, BLUE CHEESE)


3 eggs

1/2 cup milk

garlic salt

cajun seasoning

vegetable oil (for frying)


Cut in chicken breast in half across the middle and pound flat. ( I pound them in between freezer paper, it works well)

In one shallow pan add about 1 1/2 cups flour. In another shallow pan, combine the eggs and milk, slightly beating the eggs.

Heat several inches of oil in a pan over medium heat.

In a small pot, heat the buffalo sauce and butter over low heat and stir until blended. Keep over low heat, stirring occasionally.

Dip each chicken piece, first in the egg mixture, dredge in the flour and shake off excess….Repeat again by dipping again in the egg and finally in the flour, pressing to coat evenly.

Lower two pieces at a time into the hot oil and fry on both sides until golden brown. The pieces are thin so it won’t take long for them to cook completely.

When chicken is crisp and golden, remove to a paper towel lined plate then onto a wire rack.

While the chicken is resting on the racks, begin frying two more pieces….keep the fry line going :)

Prepare the bottoms of a few buns with the condiments of choice and set on plates….I put mayo on the bottom bun and blue cheese on top, but that’s just me!

With tongs, lower the two fried chicken pieces, one at a time, into the buffalo sauce and turn to coat.

When the chicken is completely covered, carefully lift it out of the sauce and allow to drip for a few seconds before placing on the bottom buns.

You can just barely make out the steam in that picture…..makes me hungry all over again!

Immediately top with a slice of your favorite cheese….fold some lettuce leaves in half and double up to make a nice lofty and crisp top to the spicy chicken.

Add more condiments to the top and then…..EVER SO SLIGHTLY….press down on the top bun!


Call them in and take a bow :)

P.S. This is equally amazing with coleslaw piled on top!

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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  1. Yum-o. If I show this to the hubs, I guarantee I will be making it very, very soon. So thank you (?) for sharing :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I made a variation of this for dinner tonight. Basically I used your hot sauce and butter part. I had a leftover rotisserie chicken and shredded some of that and tossed it with the sauce mixture. Hubby didn’t want dressing, cheese or lettuce on his, just straight up buffalo chicken. I put it on homemade buns, and added ranch dressing and smoked cheddar cheese to mine. Delicious! Hubby said he wants to try it your way, though, so I will be trying this recipe out again. Thanks for the spicy inspiration!

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