Santa Baby….I’ve been an awfully good girl!

Santa baby…slip a shun knife under the tree… for me, been an awfully good girl…santa baby so hurry down the chimney tonight! 

Santa Baby, a vita-mixxxx blender will do…so true! I’ll wait up for you dear, Santa Baby so hurry down the chimney tonight!

Think of alllllll the meals I’ve fixed….think of all the bread dough that I coulda mixed!

Next year I could be just as good, If you check off my Christmas List :)

Santa Baby, I want a coffeepot and that’s NOT….A LOT! Been an angel all year, Santa Baby so hurry down the chimney tonight!

Santa HONEY…One little thing I REALLY need, THE BEAD…from a new piping bag…Santa Baby so HURRY down the chimney tonight….

Santa CUTIE…and fill my stocking with some Pyrex, and CHECKS…sign your X on the line, Santa Cutie…so hurry down the chimney tonight!

Come and trim…my Christmas tree, with some decorations bought at Gourmet Tea…I REALLY DO believe in you, let’s see if YOU believe in ME!!!!

Santa Baby, forgot to mention one LITTLE THING….BAKING! I need new a casserole….Santa Baby so hurry down the chimney tonight!

Hope you like my wish list….Here’s the original :)

Follow along and read my lyrics…It’s good for a laugh or two and if you LOVE your kitchen you’ll understand!

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7 Responses to Santa Baby….I’ve been an awfully good girl!

  1. XD The other night I was at a Williams Sonoma and just stood there wide-eyed for like 15 minutes staring at the beautiful Shun knives in those sleek, shiny boxes all wrapped up for someone special…..which won’t be me this year lol. It was funny that you had that on your list. Good list by the way. I hope you get something from it.

    • Thanks!! You can’t go wrong with an amazing shun knife, although I don’t think it will be under MY tree either :)

      • love your Santa list!
        Charly (when she was a teenager) would wear a “I Believe In Santa ” red shirt , year round! lol..
        Your a VERy talented gal<3..thanks for the great site!
        Happy Thanksgiving………love to you and yours~~~

        ps..I have gone back to baking my own bread….(grinding the wheat myself….) with WHITE wheat …….Love the white wheat,,,,
        do you want me to grind you some ,and give it to Santa for christmas?;)

  2. Jeannean

    I got a Vita Mix back when the economy was booming and it is the bomb!!! My food processor broke and I used the Vita mix for all my processor needs this Thanksgiving. And did you know Eartha Kit played Cat woman in the final season of Batman?

  3. I do understand your Christmas list, I would love the same gifts with the exception of the VitaMix, I broke down, broke the bank & bought one earlier this year. I love it.
    I hope Santa understands just what a good girl you are & treats you well this Christmas.

  4. One tired mama

    Love it! So cute :) I want that stuff too!

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