Cleaver Contest 8 and Giveaway

Tis the season to give….So this Contest will be about JUST THAT!

What can you give as a GIFT from your kitchen???

Cookies, breads, jar mixes, cocoa with homemade marshmallows….Let’s get creative :)

I’m running this Challenge a bit longer this time so everyone has time before Christmas to get entered!

A winner will be randomly selected on Christmas Eve…who doesn’t love to get a gift on Christmas Eve?

The prize for this contest will be…….(Drrrr¬†UMROLL)

Everything you need to make creme brulee….ladies it’s ok to tell your husband that he CANNOT steal the torch for the garage!

Can’t wait to see your submissions

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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51 Responses to Cleaver Contest 8 and Giveaway

  1. Wow what a nice idea. I’d like to give away a homemade cocoa and chilli marinade for roasts and vanilla flavoured salt. Now that is creative, right?

  2. Brittni Klarman

    ahhh i love this!!

  3. Rebecca Corbeille

    I’d like to give away loaves of banana bread w/frosting to drizzle on top.

  4. I am going home today and will hopefully have the recipe posted by Saturday with everything worked out:) I think the best gift would be homemade bread, but not just any bread. Maple chocolate chip bread with maple glaze and bacon crumbles:) I think everyone will want this for the holidays:)

  5. I also would love to give away some creamer along with the recipe, and a loaf of my Almond Joy Pound Cake:)

  6. I love making homemade Frangos for people. They’re a Seattle tradition! Chocolate Orange are my favorite. :)

  7. I like giving away limoncello. I swear if I win this, I will keep my wife from using it in the garage. She’ll have to get it away from me!

  8. I recently made “Chris-mousse Balls” for a cookie exchange and they are SOOOOO easy to make (well, except for that ‘dipping in melted chocolate’ part…grrrr!) and they got voted as “Most Popular” out of 12 other cookies! So, yeah, a ton of those WILL be given away next week (I’m on stay-cation JUST for this purpose!).

    I mean, if I’m going to be a rolly-poly this year, I want as much company as possible!! LOL!

  9. My handmade truffles with the best belgium chocolate I can buy.

  10. Meg Hobbs

    Sesame Wonton Crackers with Peanut Dipping sauce. I put the sauce in a small Ball jar inside a chinese take out box and fill with the crackers. Last year I bought fortune cookie ornaments online and tied one to each box. Can’t find any this year. Any suggestions?

  11. Ok Landshsrk

    Just finished making spiced chai mix. Will include a bag of homemade marshmallows in a mug and voila! My girlfriends will love it!

  12. This weekend my sister and I will be putting together coffee mugs with homemade instant hot chocolate mix and chocolate covered peppermint sticks for our co-workers and friends.

  13. Terri C

    Homemade cinnamon rolls, most people are happy to get them!

  14. I always give a quart Jar of Salsa and homemade tortilla chips to our neighbors and friends. :)

  15. Shannon

    What a great giveaway!

    I make Bourbon Balls, fudge & divinity every year. This year I’m also experimenting with homemade marshmallows =o)

    • My grandma made divinity and it’s the one thing that I don’t even TRY to’s a memory for me and I’m sure I couldn’t live up to hers. What a special gift you give. Thanks for sharing and good luck :)

  16. I made Kaulua for Christmas presents. I used mocha coffee to make the taste even better!

  17. Robin

    I love to give Christmas Tree Spritz cookies. I color the dough green and put red sprinkles on top before baking. they are wonderful. My best memory however is my mom would make sweet rolls, place them on a plate in the shape of a Christmas Tree and put red and green candied fruit around on top like ornaments. We delivered many plates of those while I was growing up.

    • I remember my mother making a plate of rolls similar to what you described, such a treasured memory! I love giving and receiving cookies at Christmas, you end up with a fantastic arrangement of different cookies. Thanks for sharing Robin and good luck :)

  18. sandy dolan

    I have given Russian Tea Cakes (aka Mexican Wedding Cakes) in a pretty tin for Christmas. I like them because they keep a long time without tasting stale. :)

  19. The thing that is most popular from my kitchen are my dark chocolate mint cookies. I never saw myself as much of a baker, but I try, and apparently those turn out really well because I’m always asked for more :-). Cool giveaway!

  20. meredith merriner

    I think this contest is so cool! On my blog, I gave away a Yankee Candle and a box of my biscotti and caramels…I hope you have a Merry Christmas!
    Love ya, Coffee Break/Meredith Merriner

  21. gail kent

    I made cake pops with cake and icing, dipped in chocolate.I also did chocalate dipped with sprinkles spoons.And bags of white chocolate covered popcorn and peanuts.I made these for my Grandson’s class today.They were chocolate and sugar overloaded- for sure.They all had a wonderful day.They had a “Polar Express ” movie day.They had doughnuts and hot chocolate also.

  22. Jeannean

    Peanut butter balls, rocky road candy and nutty fingers (they take forever to make). If I give my brothers gifts instead of food they want to know when they are getting their cookies and candies!!!

  23. Ginger Rotella

    My daughter makes them for me and I would love to show her that I can do it also….Enjoy your holiday

  24. Darilynn

    Each your we (the four small but oh so eager) kiddos and me make our tried and true sugar cookie recipe. We do angels and Christmas trees and then decorate them…Now let me explain what the definition of decorate is to a 5,5,7 and 9 year old child in our home….pile frosting thickly and ever so proudly onto the cookie, then excited top with coconut, sprinklers – endless sprinkles, gum drops, M&M’s, crushed candy canes and anything else they can discover in our house that might be a great topping for their cookies. The most important part of our cookies is that as they decorate them they know exactly who they are doing it for. It’s the folks at the nursing home in our hometown. It’s also such a special moment in my heart when I can see children creating something and sharing it with the older generation and in some small way giving back to such an honorable era. Merry Christmas!

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