Cleaver Contest #9 and Giveaway

This contest is all about your local food items….we all have different ingredients at our disposal so let’s put em’ in the spotlight for a second shall we?

Tell me a little about your FAVORITE  local ingredient and what you love to make with it.

Living in Alaska, I’m a salmon girl….I love to blacken it on the grill in the summer, and in the winter I serve it from the oven with a mustard cream crust after soaking it in vodka :)

I will randomly select a winner on February 1st to receive a ONE YEAR subscription to Food Network Magazine

Can’t wait to hear what you all are cookin’ up with local ingredients!

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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71 Responses to Cleaver Contest #9 and Giveaway

  1. Definitely my favorite local ingredient is corn living in Indiana. I love to roast it, grill it, cream it, and basically anything else I can do with it!

    • One of my favorite ingredients also, although it’s not something that is normally very cheap here! In the summer I love to grill corn and cut it off the cob while hot, into a bowl of diced avocado, red onion, and cilantro. With some squeezed lime over the top it makes a fantastic guacamole! Thanks for sharing Hilary :)

  2. sandy dolan

    Here in Oklahoma, we grow stuff (nearly) all year ’round, so I’m loving the fresh red cabbage–in cole slaw, of course, but also as a wrap for grain-free sandwiches, and even for a lovely blush-colored winter soup. :)

    • Those ALL sound fabulous. I could eat a huge bowl of coleslaw and find a way to put it on about everything. My favorite is when it’s plaed on top of my buffalo chicken burger, it cools the heat just a bit. Thanks for sharing Sandy :)

  3. Gayle J

    honey crisp apples! Pies, crisps.sauce etc. Dry them,can them, freeze them….yummm!

  4. I’m in Indiana, and my favorite ingredient has to be hickory syrup. Hickories are technically northern Pecans, but their flavor is a bit stronger, like the Black Walnut is to the Walnut. The trees are tapped like maple trees, and the flavor of the syrup is as sweet as maple, but has more of a smoky-pecanish flavor.

    Hickory syrup is great in glazes. I take some syrup, some broth taken from a pork roast, and get it simmering, and then add rosemary, thyme, peppercorns, a carmelized, chopped onion, and fresh cranberries. I let it simmer and as it does, pop the cranberries. It looks and tastes smashing over a roast pork loin!

  5. Oh boy, there is so much I could say is my favorite local item. I’ll go with the fresh blueberries, and moose. Not together, although maybe I should try to find a recipe to combine them… Hmm. Fresh blueberry pancakes, blueberry topped french toast, blueberry crisp, blueberry jam, blueberry syrup.
    And the moose, my favorite of all time! Most recently, for Thanksgiving, we had a smoked moose roast and it was better than anything I’ve ever had! I have a homemade marinade for injecting, and a dry rub that goes over the top, then smoke this with cherry chips. And then there’s jerky. Everybody’s favorite. If this was all the meat I ever had again, I would be happy!

  6. Ana B.

    I live in Southern California, so for me it’s CILANTRO HEAVEN! I put it in everything, Deviled Eggs, Salads, Soup Toppings….you name it! I also have quite a few Mexican Dishes that I make that have this in them and the fresher the better….I think I’m quite spoiled!

  7. Marcella

    Here in New Mexico we grow Hatch green chili, the season starts around August. I love making green chili stew, salsa, green chili chicken enchiladas. We also put it in our hamburgers and ham or turkey sandwiches. I also love cilantro I put it in salads,salsa, and sometimes marinade meat with it, so yummy. Thanks Marcella

  8. Meg

    There’s a local farm near Birmingham that has the most delicious goat cheese. I buy it at the farmer’s market in the summer…great on grilled pizza with whatever else I find fresh that day. They have a BBQ flavor chevre (sounds weird, I know) that’s great on Wheat Thins too!

  9. For me it’s corn on the cob. There is a limited window of opportunity for it in the summer so I make the most of it. And I’ll be honest it plays serious havoc with my IBS but I eat it anyway. For a few weeks every summer the pain is worth it. Lol! For me it’s the simple approach. I’ve tried it grilled but to me nothing beats corn boiled in water, then dripping with butter and salt. Seriously when is summer getting here anyway? I want corn, like now.

  10. Cindy H.

    Here in Ky we have lots of pumpkins in the Fall. Love them in breads, pies, cakes, cookies, you name it…I love pumpkin and all the spices you use to flavor it.

    • I share your love for pumpkins…I scoop loads of them up from the store but can only find them around halloween time. Soups, breads, cakes and rolls….wish I could have them year round. Thanks for sharing Cindy :)

  11. Rebecca Corbeille

    Halibut!!!!!! Beer battered and delicious. It’s best when it’s freshly caught. Barry gets too sea sick to go Halibut fishing, but my sister and her husband head down here about once a year to go Halibut fishing and they are always generous with their fish. My brother in-law has a special talent for cooking it to perfection.

  12. Mary Squares

    Here in Virginia we LOVE LOVE our Hanover Tomatoes!! When the summer rolls around we eat them as many ways as we can… They are large, deep red,soft and juicy!! Making sauces and salads with them are great or even the good ole Tomato Sandwich, with mayo, salt and pepper…mmmm!!!! But the absolutely best way to eat a Hanover Tomato is to take a salt shaker straight out to the garden, pick it, wipe it off on your shirt, put some salt on it and take a big ole bite!!! OH, don’t forget the napkin your gonna need to wipe off all the juice that comes out of those babies!!! :)

  13. Here in Wisconsin, we have amazing cheese available. Options are endless! Probably my favorite, would have to be Fried Cheese Curds. Yum!!

  14. I’m from New Hampshire, favorite local ingredients would be Maple syrup which I cook with almost every day. I use it in place of sugar or honey in allot of baking. But my favorite is just traditional pancakes!
    Another local ingredient….. Lobster. I’m not a HUGE fan of lobster… but I do love it in Lobster Mac n’ Cheese.

  15. Here in Washington, I would say salmon – but you’ve already said that… so, hmmmmm, how about apples? I love a good apple gorgonzola salad or quiche, or just plain apple pie. We have lots of varieties to choose from. :)

  16. YUM! I love salmon. One of my favorites would be grilled venison, with a chipotle pomegranate glaze.

  17. Gotta be straight Vienna Chicago Dogs cut up & wrapped in phyllo to make some mean pigs in a blanket. I like to serve them up with Roasted Tomato Ketchup, Beer Mustard and Caramelized Onion & Pucker Relish Chutney. So good, you have no idea!

  18. stacy

    Love the site

  19. I grew up in Alaska and I never appreciated all the free salmon we ate. I cry a little every time I spend $10/lb on it now. And what I wouldn’t give for a good mooseburger!

    In Oregon, my favorite ingredient this time of year is our mushrooms. We have a huge variety since it’s so wet here.

  20. Ok Landshsrk

    I hail from Iowa. Most people assume that means I would pick corn (stereotypical), beef (nothing like Iowa corn fed beef!) or pork (pigs don’t stunk- that’s the smell of money!) nut my absolute favorite local Iowa product is Maytag blue cheese. I like it on a burger, in mac & cheese, on a baked potato, in a cheeseball, mixed into a dip, in a sauce, crumbled in a salad, stirred inti scrsmbled eggs, drizzled with honey, or any other way you can imagine! My favorite way to enjoy it just sliced into wedges, but I’d even attenpt it on an old shoe if I didn’t have to eat the whole shoe! Maytag cheese is one of the only foods I know that can be combined with anyrhing and actually make it taste better!

  21. Our local farmers market, Stahl’s, I have been going there since the 1970′s, fresh veggies, fruit, canning supplies, pumpkins every year for my kids, love, love, love it!

  22. I don’t think I have favorite local ingredient per say, but what I love is during the summer months, taking advantage of all the local farmer’s markets. Blueberries, strawberries, corn, onions, peppers, tomatoes…I could go on an on. I love buying fresh from local farmers and supporting local economy! They have the best products at the best prices!!!

    • Hand picking fresh produce is so fun and rewarding! Walking by all the ingredients and picking out what you want, and then deciding what to do with such beautiful ingredients….can’t get much better! Thanks for sharing Krista :)

  23. Anna H.

    Living in Central California, we have an abundance of crops growing all over from walnuts, apples, grapes oranges, pistachios, olives, pecans and more. We also have tons of dairies and the famous Harris ranch for their beef but, I would have to say my local favorite is the beef raised at the family ranch. This beef just melts in your mouth like butter and does not have much fat in it. These particular cows are miniture herfords. You can certainly taste the difference between our beef and the most premium cuts that are sold at stores.

  24. Laura Scott

    I am in Arkansas. A plethora of truck crops are available. We have great farming the raising of chicken and turkey. After all, we are the home of Tyson. I’m not big on red meat. Love my salmon, like you. But, it is a special meal. Good down home comfort food is for me. Chicken and dumplings is a real favorite. Like it grilled, baked and roasted.

    • Chicken and dumplings is a family favorite here too. I used to make it for my dad, who loves his dumplings, and my children have grown up loving it as well. It also has the added benefit of warming us up, which in Alaska is a huge PLUS! Thanks for sharing Laura :)

  25. Natalie J

    New to your blog…love it so far :)

    As for local ingredients here in Toronto, Canada, we generally have to wait for the farmers’ markets in the summer. With lots of family farms close by, berries of all varieties are great throughout the summer. I made a killer strawberry crisp this year and amazing blueberry lemon cupcakes. Mmmmmm.

  26. Iowa! Lots of corn. I love adding this to salsas or burrito bowls.

  27. katy k.

    Our yearly autumn tradition is to go apple-picking – and then to make tons of yummy apple-y foods! We try to buy locally as often as possible, but it’s hard this time of year outside D.C.

  28. gail kent

    where I live we have chicken and catfish farms, pumpkins and pecans in the fall, the summer time is lots of homegrown vegetables and fruits, the best watermelons ever, the best strawberries are grown really close , we are very blessed in our area for all of the great homegrown products that we have-I cook with a lot of these local foods when I can-it is amazing how from one town to another the food will be different-Thank God for our variety of good food to choose from-stay warm and wishes for a wonderful night

  29. Dennis

    I like to boil down my own maple syrup from the sap each March, and use it on the weekends for sticky buns and also on waffles.

  30. MommaMary (Mary Cochrane)

    Iowa Pella Balogna Sliced cold, grilled, made by a family owned company in Pella, Iowa, a Dutch community.

  31. You’re from Alaska? I was born and raised in Fairbanks, as was my mom, grandma, and great-grandmothers homesteaded in Alaska! LOVE salmon. Just made Alaska King last night, smoked over mesquite pellets with spicy seasonings, lemons, and onions!

  32. Yummmmm!!! The Florida tomato!!! It is like a slice of sunshine. I love fresh tomatoes!! And then of course you have gotta have those herbs! Basil of course. What could be better??

  33. Connie Bolick Lee

    In North Carolina sweet potatoes are an abundant crop. I like to make sweet potatoes pies, candied sweet potatoes, sweet potato fries, and a plain baked sweet potato is nothing to laugh at either!

    • I have a dry erase board in my office full of things I NEED to make..I have sadly never made a sweet potato pie, but it’s definitely on my board. I adore sweet potato puree and biscuits! One of my favorites….crispy sweet potato fries with spicy seasoning and cotija cheese. YUM! Thanks for sharing Connie :)

  34. Michigan has U-pick fruit farms everywhere. I love tart cherries to make any kind of cherry dessert – nothing like what you get from a can, it’s so much better!

  35. My very favorite local ingredient comes from my next door state, Colorado. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Colorado Peaches. I make a special pie with sliced Colorado Peaches and a sauce made from the Colorado Peaches.
    And I eat those Colorado Peaches right from the box with juice dripping down my arm. And I make Jam from my favorite Colorado Peaches.
    Oh man, can you tell I LOVE those Colorado Peaches?!

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