The Spice Lab Gourmet Salt Giveaway! (Closed)

Are you adventurous with your food?

There are a thousand ways to change-up and experiment with flavors…. roasting, extracts, zests etc

But have you ever experimented with salts and discovered just how much they can add to a dish? Perhaps you’ve seen some of the fancy salts at your local grocery store and have just never played with them?

Well the generous folks at The Spice Lab want to change all that! They are allowing me to give away a set of SIX gourmet sea salts that come in a gorgeous wooden display block. Here’s a peek!


The set includes:

Washington State Apple Wood Cold Smoked Sea Salt
Murray River Pink Sea Salt
Fleur De Sel France First Harvest Sea Salt
Island of Cyprus White Flake Sea Salt
Bolivian Sunset Pink Warm Spring Mineral Salt
Hawaiian Red Clay Alaea Sea Salt

I featured a couple of these salts in my carrot veloute recipe…If you’d like to take a look just click the link below.

Roasted Carrot Veloute

These salts range from robust to mild and can be utilized in a wide array of dishes. Grilling, braising, barbecue….you’ll grow to love them all.

To take a look at their full line of products, I encourage you to visit their website by clicking here: The Spice Lab Website

To enter, complete one or ALL of the tasks below and leave me a comment stating which you did.

1.) Give a great big THANKS to The Spice Lab for hosting this giveaway.

2.) Visit and “like” their facebook page by clicking this link: The Spice Lab on Facebook

3.) Follow my blog via email so you’re sure to never miss a recipe or announcement! Simply type your email address into the “Follow Me” area on the right hand margin and click subscribe.

I will be randomly selecting and announcing the winner on 01/19/13 at 5 pm central time. The winner will need to submit their mailing address to within 3 days to claim their prize…or another winner will be selected.

Good luck to all of you and thanks again to The Spice Lab for generously donating the prize!

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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116 Responses to The Spice Lab Gourmet Salt Giveaway! (Closed)

  1. Big thank you to The Spice Lab!!

  2. I liked The Spice Lab on Facebook.

  3. I already subscribe to your great blog!

  4. Chris Haskell

    The salt of the earth ~ The Spice Lab!!

  5. Susan St. Amour

    Huge THANK YOU to the Spice Lab! started browsing their page after I liked it and wow! I am already signed up to the e-mail list and look forward to them!

  6. Meg

    Thanks to The Spice Lab and MMC for this exciting giveaway. I like The Spice Lab on FB and will be checking out their website after leaving this comment.

  7. A BIG thank you for the giveaway TY Spice Lab!!!

  8. Jo Ann

    I did all of the tasks.

  9. I like Spice Lab on FB (Danielle Williams)

  10. Rhonda Murry

    Thanks for the awesome salts and rack Spice Lab !

  11. Awesome! The spice of life! Visited their site, options are simply amazing!

  12. Joann

    Thank you Spice Lab!! These are so cool. Would love to use these!!!

  13. shelley nieves

    liked spice lab. awesome place!

  14. Terri Betz

    THANK YOU SPICE LAB! YOU ROCK! This set is gorgeous! :)

  15. Vickie Alford

    All requirements done. I’ve never considered using these. Hope to win to experiment!

  16. Terri Betz

    Following you in blogland for a while now!

  17. Marcella

    Thank you Spice Lab for offering these amazing spices. I love to use spices in my food and would definetly love to have this set.

  18. Thanks Spice Lab these look amazing!

  19. Jennifer Neumann

    I checked out their website and liked it, literally and figuratively……lol.

  20. Beverley Williams

    Thanks to the Spice Lab for the wonderful giveaway

  21. GLORIA

    I went over to Spice Lab’s site. What a variety! I also liked them on Facebook so that I don’t loose track of them. I love to experiment with different tastes and this is a great way to do it. A big thanks to you as well! :)

  22. Beverley Williams

    I like The Spice Lab on Facebook

  23. Beverley Williams

    I follow you via E-mail

  24. RuthAnn

    Already a *friend* of Spice Lab on Facebook, and now following the blog. Thank you for offering the chance to win.

  25. Amanda Kunstman

    Big Thank You to The Spice Lab, Liked their FB page and Followed you on your Blog.

  26. Gay Curtiss

    I did all three! Thanks for the awesome offer!

  27. Laura Pollet

    Thanks Spice Lab for this wonderful sample of gourmet salts. Being from an area that loves good food and wants it spicy, will be checking out the website and seeing what I can add to my kitchen cupboards.

  28. Margot C

    A super shout-out of thanks to the Spice Lab for sponsoring this giveaway! I have coveted that salt collection for some time. I particularly like the stylish presentation. I already liked them (ages ago, I hope that counts) on facebook where I am ‘Margot Core’. Modern Mrs. Cleaver I follow you via email too, to this box: annazed10 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  29. Thanks Spice Lab and Modern Mrs. Cleaver for the chance to win these salts. I’ve thanked Spice Lab on their Facebook page and always enjoy your blog. Hope I can be the lucky person to win these salts.

  30. Lisa Elder

    Thank you Spice Lab for your generous give away.
    I liked Spice Lab on FB.
    I’m already a follower of Modern Ms. Cleaver.

  31. Debbie D.

    Thank you Spice Lab!!!

  32. Susan H

    I do subscribe to your emails and love reading them. Thanks

  33. A BIT THANK YOU to Spice Lab.

  34. I am a follower of your blog, and love it. Thanks

  35. Susan K

    A great big THANKS to Spice Lab for the beautiful display of sea salts for a very lucky person to try….hope it is me:) Ok, I have liked, given thanks, checked out the wonderful products and receive your great emails. Thanks.

  36. Claire Waffle

    Thanks Spice Lab for the awesome giveaway. Liked their fb page and commented. I would love to win this. I use regular sea salt and didn’t know there were other flavors out there.

  37. Sandy

    THANK YOU Spice Lab for the giveaway

  38. Sandy

    I liked Spice Lab on facebook

  39. Sandy

    I receive your email

  40. Thanks Spice Lab. I’m already signed up with mod mrs cleaver. love your site. will like spice lab right now.. these spices are exciting. something new to noodle around with this winter. thanks again

  41. Claudia Freeman

    Thank you Spice Lab…great website and have liked the FB page. Really appreciate the giveaway!

  42. Beverly Lawler

    Thanks Spice Lab for the chance to win!

  43. Patricia Caulder

    I liked the Spice Lab on FB!

  44. Joan

    I liked the spice lab on Facebook

  45. Lynn McKnight

    “Liked” the Spice Lab page. Thank you! :-)

  46. Joan

    I thanked the Spice Lab for hosting the giveaway on their facebook page.

  47. Joan

    I already follow your blog via email. Thank you.

  48. Diane Johns

    Thank you to SPICE LAB for donating this beautiful supply of salts. I “LIKED” Spice Lab on FB, You and I are already friends on FB, and I get your email!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your recipes!!! BTW….where it says “website”…..I don’t know what to put there.

  49. theresa krier

    my husband & i love using different salts, thanks a bunch spice lab

  50. Mona Davis

    Great big THANKS to The Spice Lab for hosting this giveaway!

  51. Ok Landshark

    A great big THANKS to The Spice Lab for sponsoring the MMC giveaway!
    Would love to win so I can play with my food!

  52. Ok Landshark

    I already follow The Spice Lab on Facebook!

  53. Ok Landshark

    I already follow MMC on Facebook & receive your newsletter by email!

  54. Shannon McNamara

    Big thanks to the Spice Lab. I liked their page on facebook and also subscribed to your blog.

  55. Nancy Narma

    Sending a great big thank-you to The Spice Lab for their generosity–what a famtastic set!!
    Nancy Narma

  56. Nancy Narma

    Have liked the Spice Lab facebook page.

  57. Nancy Narma

    I am following your blog and enjoy it very much!

  58. Randy

    I did the following: Visit and “like” their facebook page by clicking this link: The Spice Lab on Facebook

  59. Linda Parks

    Big thanks to the spice lab!

  60. Linda Parks

    I liked the spice lab on Facebook!

  61. Linda Parks

    I follow your blog by email

  62. Elaine

    I’m following you…. 8-) I mean I subscribe to you.

  63. Elaine

    I liked Spice Lab. Fun page!

  64. Elaine

    I thanked Spice Lab for the chance to win some salts. They look so fun!

  65. I liked The Spice Lab fb page and thanked them!

  66. shawn

    Thank you Spice Lab for the giveaway!!

  67. shawn

    I am already following your blog!!

  68. A huge thank you to The Spice Lab for providing Modern Mrs. Cleaver with this give away. I love using sea salt just didn’t know there was so many different kinds. Thank you for the chance to win.


    Thanks to Spice lab. I would love to try your products:)

  70. Teresa Coffey

    Liked and thanked The Spice Lab. Of course already get your emails :)

  71. Stephanie Schiel

    Liked and Thanked The Spice lab, Subscribed to email!

  72. What an awesomely awesome giveaway! I love cooking with different salts and using the more robust ones to finish dishes before serving! Big fat Thanks to The Spice Lab for the prize!

  73. I went and liked those guys and left a comment on their page as well!

  74. Beth C

    Nice giveaway Liked & Thanked!

  75. I also already get your emails, so there’s that. Let’s just cut to the chase and send me those salts. Thanks. =D lol

  76. Janice G.

    Now these salts would be something I would love to experiment with. ‘Thank You’ Spice lab for the chance to win your awesome product..

  77. phyllis houp

    I love different types of salt! I want to win!!

  78. Vicki Wilkerson

    Thank you Spice Lab- I’d LOVE to win this! I will be doing #1 & #2 for the contest :)

  79. Cindy

    Thank you Spice lab! I’ve completed 1 & 2 and about to complete 3, I’ve always wondered about the different salts and what they could do for a dish. I would love to find out!

  80. Molly Coleman Wilson

    Liked and left comment for Spice Lab. Have been following you for some time now and always appreciate the info. Would be thrilled if you would choose me.

  81. Doreen

    I love special Salts! Liked their page and gave thanks.

  82. What a fantastic giveaway, THANKS Spice Lab!

  83. I have liked and left a comment on the Spice Lab’s FB page.

  84. I am following your blog through my WordPress reader. :-)

  85. THANKS to The Spice Lab~ these look awesome!

  86. karen riffee

    I completed 2 & 3. I love sea salts and have tried some of your recipes and love them. I will be following your blog for a long time.

  87. Louis

    Thanks to The Spice Lab!

  88. Meryl

    Thank you, Spice Lab.

  89. Sue

    Thanks to the Spice Lab for this great giveaway! I love, love, love salt!

  90. ooo..thank you Spice Labs for the giveaway! Liked Spice Lab and MMC on facebook. Jenni, PCO sent me over! signed up for the email blog too so I won’t miss a thing.

  91. Thanks to the Spice Lab for this great giveaway!

  92. I have liked the Spice Lab’s FB page

  93. I am already following your blog!!

  94. Ttrockwood

    Thanks spice lab!

  95. Ttrockwood

    Liked you on fb (teri)

  96. Thank you spice lab..a beautiful display and delicious

  97. Cindy

    I liked them on Facebook

  98. Adrienne Ridgway

    I liked them on Facebook and I send a HUGE THANK YOU to The Spice Lab for hosting this. :-)

  99. Martha

    I thanked & liked the Spice Lab & followed the blog. Thanks!

  100. Lori A

    Thank you so much for the recipes with different salts. After all the years that I have been cooking, I never thought the different salts would make such a difference.

  101. Fran Livingston

    THANKed The Spice Lab, thank you too, following your blog and like The Spice Lab!! Thanksss!!!!!!!!

  102. Maria Bennett

    Thank you Spice Lab! What a great opportunity to try Spice Lab Seasoned Salts!! Hope I win!! :)

  103. A BIg Thanks to the Spice Lab for having a give away… liked the spice lab fbook page and followed as required …. It would be great to try your salts!

  104. Cheryl W.

    Thank you so much, Spice Lab, for the awesome giveaway. Thank you for hosting said awesome giveaway!

  105. Cheryl W.

    I follow Spice Lab’s Facebook page.

  106. Cheryl W.

    I am an email subscriber.

  107. Vickie

    I liked the Spice Lab on Facebook and I have LOVED you on Facebook forever! ;)

  108. I LIKE The Spice Lab on Facebook (Aneesa Bint Lewis)!

  109. I follow you via email (aneesa824 at yahoo dot com)!

  110. Angela Alpaugh@ The Southern Fried Bride

    I send The Spice Lab a huge thank you!

  111. Angela Alpaugh, The Southern Fried Bride

    I liked their page on Facebook!

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    I subscribe to your blog!

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