Paderno Silicone Mat Set Giveaway! (Closed)

We’ve all been there…..

Whether it was a perfect cookie that got stuck to the pan, gloriously piped meringues that ended up burnt on the bottom, or the incessant need to have to keep flouring and flouring a counter top to prevent dough from sticking….it’s been each of us at some point!

{enter Paderno}

Silicone mats are life changing, cookie altering, meringue saving, tools of wonderment. Most of us have used the standard cookie sheet size mat, but have you ever used a counter sized mat?



Cool to the “Nth” degree! Now I don’t quite understand what Nth is…but I know my folks said it when I was younger and it meant A LOT of something!

So this is COOL….. A LOT COOL :)

Paderno is allowing me to giveaway one of their baking sheet size mats AND a HUGE counter-sized mat!! If you saw my “Rye Soft Pretzel Bite” recipe, then you saw these bad boys in action. If you didn’t see it, here’s the link:

Rye Soft Pretzel Bites

The counter mat makes dough rolling effortless and doesn’t require you to keep adding more and more flour. The mats are made of fiberglass and coated on both sides with non stick silicone. That part is fairly standard of silicone mats….What really sets Paderno mats apart, is that they are skid proof!

Hold the phone….SKID PROOF??

You know those little socks for newborn babies that have the skid-proof traction nubbies on the bottom? THOSE DON’T SERVE A PURPOSE!! Where are newborns going to skid to?

Paderno skid-proof mats DO serve a purpose! What’s the point in rolling and kneading on a mat if it’s just going to slide all over the place. So none of that will be happening here!

So who wants to win?

You can enter by completing one or all of the following tasks, each task earns an entry. Just leave me a comment telling me which tasks you did AND give a great big thanks to Paderno! (If you have done any of these tasks for a previous giveaway just let me know)

1.) Grab your skid-proof socks and slide over to the Paderno website and order up a FREE full-color catalog of all their fine products by clicking the following link:   Paderno Website

2.) Sign up to follow my website by adding your email address to the right side column under “Follow Me”, this ensures that when I announce winners you don’t miss your name being chosen! That’s sad…..

3.) Follow me on Facebook by clicking the “Find Me On Facebook” button on the right side margin.

I will be randomly selecting a winner and announcing the name on 01/28/13 at 5 pm central time. The winner will need to submit their mailing address to within 3 days to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed, a new winner will be announced!

Good luck everyone, and a HUGE thanks goes out to Paderno for yet another fantastic giveaway!

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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102 Responses to Paderno Silicone Mat Set Giveaway! (Closed)

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  2. Joann

    Thank you Paderno. MMC i follow you in facebook and threough your website! I love both! Your amazing. I would love this mat. It would be so beneficial in my kitchen. Thanks for doing the give away!!

  3. OH my goodness I SO want one of these :) (going on my wish list for sure!!!) I follow you on FB Danielle WIlliams

  4. Denise Mackey

    I just received my Paderno catalog this week. I am on your email list. I make lots of cutout cookies and would love to try these mats! Thanks for the chance!

  5. Jennifer Neumann

    My mouth started watering while I was reading the recipe. I really would love the mat so I can make these.

  6. Janice G.

    Thank You Paderno, what a great idea..No more messy flour counter clean-ups..A welcome time saver for sure…

  7. Katrina R.

    Thanks Paderno and MMC for the chance! I’ve been follower on facebook, and I’ve sent my e-mail so I don’t miss a thing, also went and requested my catalog!

  8. I already follow your blog, I now follow you on facebook and I can’t wait to get my catalog! My 4 year old daughter has such a love of cooking and she and I will spend entirely too much time looking through it when it comes in the mail. Paderno – Thank you so much for this giveaway! My daughter and I use the cookie sheet size silicone mat ALL the time and I’m sure we could find a use for a counter size mat. Thank you Paderno and Modern Mrs. Cleaver for this great giveaway!

  9. kathy shepherd

    thanks Paderno for offering the give away,

  10. Erin

    I requested a catalog. I also follow you on fb and follow you through email

  11. Susan St.

    Thank you to Paderno and MMC for an amazing giveaway! I have done all three tasks! The Paderno site is like my wish list!

  12. Pam Robinson

    would love this have a mat but not so good. I reguested a calalogue love looking at cooking tools. Already follow on face book and via email

  13. Sandy

    Thank you Paderno, the counter top size is a great idea.

  14. Got my Paderno catalog a few days ago, and have been drooling over it since! I could really use a silicone mat – I’ve never had one!! Thank you MMC, and Paderno for this opportunity, and have a great day!!!

  15. Anne H.

    I requested a catalog (thank you Paderno!) and I follow you on FB

  16. Sandy

    I signed up for your email

  17. Susan Willard

    Thank you MMC. I follow you on Facebook and subscribe to your email feed. I requested a catalog and love your site and Paderno.

  18. Margie Kirkman

    I requested a catalog and thanks Paderno and MMC for this amazing giveaway.

  19. Jan

    Howdy, I have followed you on facebook for awhile and always look forward to your emails. I also follow you on Pinterest (so addicting) and I ordered the catalog.

  20. Cynthia Burrell

    Requested a catalog….love kitchen gadgets that make mylife easier!

  21. Denise Stevens

    Thanks Paderno for the opportunity in this giveaway!! I just received your beautiful catalog this week all packaged up nicely by UPS (double thank you- love those cuties coming to my door! haha) I follow you through fb and email Modern Mrs Cleaver already and LOVE your website! :) This would be a helpful addition to my kitchen! :) Thanks!! :)

  22. Sandy

    I requested the Paderno catalog

  23. Sandy

    I like Modern Mrs Cleaver on facebook

  24. Tara Knott

    Thanx so much for the chance of winning these amazing products from Paderno. I already follow you on FB :)

  25. Margie Kirkman

    I forgot to put that i follow you on FB and e-mails. so i did all 3.

  26. Barbara

    Thanks to Paderno for making such awesome products!
    I have been a FB follower for some time now. I have now completed the other two tasks. I look forward to receiving the catalog!

  27. Terri Betz

    Ordered the catalog!
    Following your blog for a while now & love it!
    Like you on Facebook!
    Also sharing!

  28. Kari

    Thanks Paderno for a great giveaway! I already ordered a catalog last month and received it promptly! My mom and I love looking through it! Great stuff!

  29. Kari

    I just signed up to follow your blog in my email!

  30. Kari

    Already following you on Facebook… That’s how I was notified of this awesome giveaway from Paderno! Yay!

  31. Debra Nelson

    The pretzel bites look fantastic!!…think I’ll try them with garlic butter and parmesan cheese!!!…love your site!!…deb

  32. Beverley Williams

    I requested a catalogue.

  33. Beverley Williams

    I follow your page via e-mail

  34. Beverley Williams

    I follow you on Facebook

  35. SandyN

    Thank you, Paderno!! I follow Modern Mrs. Cleaver on facebook.

  36. sonya nash

    Hello, I’m so excited about this opportunity. I’ve been wanting one of these mats for so VERY long. I can’t imagine a nicer surprise than to win. I already follow you on Facebook, I went over and requested a catalog at the Paderno website, and I signed up for your website with my email so I’ve completed all requested tasks. Please, oh please, oh please, let it be me :)

  37. oakley

    Another great product from Paderno. I follow both you and our Clever Mrs Clever on FB!! Thanks to both of you for making it happen!

  38. Alexandra Ricardi

    I already follow you on Facebook and I just received my Paderno catalog two days ago. Would LOVE to roll out dumplings for my homemade chicken and dumplings on one of these mats! THANKS Paderno for the giveaway!

  39. Thank you Paderno! I so need one of these. Thank you MMC. Love your sites

  40. shawn

    I received my catalog about 3 days ago and I follow you by email already and thank you paderno and mmc for the giveaway!!

  41. Thanks for the chance to win this great mat! I requested my free catalog & I already follow you on Facebook (Ann Saye). I also follow you through email (

  42. Requested my catalog. and already following you. Man the pretzel recipe is making my mouth water.

  43. Carmen Q

    I follow your site.
    I follow you on FB also

    Thank you Paderno for another great giveaway!

  44. Shelley B

    Have requested catalog, follow you each place. Thanks for the giveaway. Some of us would not see or be able to try new items another way. Thanks Paderno

  45. Ok Landshark

    A HUGE thanks goes out to Paderno for yet another fantastic giveaway!
    I requested their catalog and can’t wait to receive it!

  46. Ok Landshark

    I already receive your emails and LOVE them!

  47. Ok Landshark

    I already follow you on FB! <3

  48. Wott Woot! Thanks, Paderno! I’ve already done all three tasks… LOVE your blog, page, and giveaways :)

  49. Jessica Carlson

    Awesome! Thank you once again Paderno!!
    I just got their catalog from UPS.

  50. Jessica Carlson

    I already follow your web page by email…you find all kinds of cool gadgets!

  51. Jessica Carlson

    Being a little stalker-esk here now but I follow you on Facebook too.

  52. Susan H.

    I signed up for the catalog. Thanks.

  53. Susan H.

    I subscribe to you emails.

  54. Claire W.

    Thank you Paderno and Modern Mrs. Cleaver for the giveaway.

  55. Susan H.

    I follow you on FB.

  56. Susan h

    Thank you Paderno and MMC for this fabulous giveaway! I follow you on FB and subscribe to your postings. Went to Paderno site to download their catalog. And lastly, thank you for all the great recipes, ideas and giveaways.

  57. One Tired Mama

    Thanks Paderno and MMC! Mama would love to have these :)

  58. Sheryl M

    I would love to have these. My kitchen counter is small, grouted tile – not smooth. I went to Paderno and ordered a catalog to drool over. I have been a follower of yours for a long tim.

  59. Rochelle Shott

    Thank you paderno for another great giveaway!! I follow you on facebook. and…..the man in brown arrived with my catalog today!!

  60. I just received my Paderno catalog this week, wow! Nice stuff. Thanks Paderno for the chance to win your mats!

  61. I receive your e-mails, thanks!

  62. I’m a fan of MMC on Facebook

  63. Thank you Paderno for yet another great give away, I have never even had the cookie sheet size mats, I see a lot of possibilities for this counter size mat though. I am going to try these pretzels they look amazing, thanks to you Modern Mrs. Cleaver for all these great recipes!

  64. Request catalog. Follow on FB & here. Thank you Paderno. Would love to have a mat

  65. Chris Haskell

    Thank you Paderno for this giveaway! I could have used the counter mat this past week while making Artisan bread for a bake sale. I scraped my counters forever!! Definitely need these mats.

  66. Deb Childers

    Thank you Paderno for this giveaway! I would love to have one of these mats….I requested a catalog, follow you on email and facebook too. Love all your recipes, MMC!

  67. Beverly Lawler

    I would love to win this great mat! Thank you alot PADERNO for the chance to win! I have already ordered their catalogue and I follow you on Facebook and I receive emails from you. Love your site and receipes.

  68. Kerry M

    I follow you on FaceBook already! :D

  69. I like you here and on fb ;) ohh I follow your blog by email I’d love for you to check my blog out !

  70. I follow you on facebook, I have signed up to follow your blog, Thank you to Paderno!!!! and Thank you :)

  71. Yes. I have the Paderno catalogue from last give away. These mats are one of the many things I drooled over. Would be awesome to win. I already follow you on Facebook. Love you sharing your recipes, cause I love to experiment when I’m cooking

  72. Deanna Collum

    Thank you Paderno for the opportunity of winning one of these fabulous silicone mat sets!! I signed up for the blog notice on email.

  73. Teri Q

    Thanks Paderno! I need some of these mats! I follow you on Facebook and get your emails. :)

  74. Meg Hobbs

    I received the Paderno catalog from a previous giveaway and have many pages dog-eared for future purchases. Thanks, Paderno! I already follow your website and follow you on FB. I would use the counter mat for rolling out chicken and dumplings and pot pie crusts. Thanks to you too, MMC!

  75. Johanna Ernst

    I would love this! I follow you on Facebook and get email updates!
    Johanna E.

  76. Cynthia

    Thank you MMC and Paderno for such a great giveaway. A counter mat – such a dream come true if I win. Good luck everyone.

  77. I just got Paderno’s catalogue via UPS yesterday, it’s a grown-ups toy catalogue!!! Thank you Paderno for the giveaway, if I win I’m going to try my hand at macarons again!!!

  78. I already follow you on FB and so glad I do!

  79. I receive your blog via email.

  80. Jennifer Ingenito

    Wooo! Awesome giveaway! Thanks Paderno and MMC <3

  81. Evie Dudley

    I follow you on facebook and email … and love, love, love your recipes! I ordered the Paderno catalog. The products on the site look amazing!

  82. M L Carter

    Wow! This is a great giveaway. I follow MMC on Fb and I am getting ready to request a Paderno catalog right now!

  83. Joyce Foust

    Would love this!!!

  84. Jennifer Searle

    Follower via Facebook.

  85. I follow on Facebook, awesome giveaway!

  86. Jennifer Martinez

    I was already your fan, but I also ordered a catalog and have signed up here on your page! BOth my mother and I will be fighting over the catalog, Paderno has awesome stuff and thank you to them for allowing this wonderful give-a-way! This will be a true blessing to someone out there!

  87. Bobbie

    Thank you MMC I follow you on Facebook,ordered the catalog and left my email I think the mat is a great idea!!

  88. I liked you on Facebook

  89. Elaine

    THANKS, Paderno! (Was that big enough? ;-) ) And of course I follow MMC on Facebook and subscribe to you. Thanks for the giveaways, but mostly thanks for being you!

  90. Elaine

    Oh, and I did order a catalog. That will be fun!

  91. Kelly Evans

    Yum yum and yum would be made with these,

  92. Mary P.

    wow, what a great giveaway from Modern Mrs. Cleaver and Paderno! Would love it! Thanks for always making life fun for us, love following you on FB, and got my Paderno catalog last wk, it’s awesome! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!

  93. OMG I haven’t been online in awhile, almost missed it. Would love one.

  94. Lisa G

    I did all 3. I Sooo want one of these mats. Thank you for the contest.

  95. Lori A

    I have done all. I am wishing myself good luck for a change!! Love your site and also the name. Love Leave it to Beaver!

  96. Diana

    I follow you on FB. Thank you Paderno for the chance to win.

  97. I requested a catalog….and Thank you paderno for the great giveaway. Would love to win this.

  98. Lisa Sanders

    I requested a catalog and signed up my e-mail address. I already follow you on facebook :)
    Thanks Paderno, cool site and giveaway!

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