Paderno Stainless Steel Handled Tool Set Giveaway (Closed)

I believe I’ve said this a hundred times…. I LOVE quality kitchen equipment!

As someone who spends 70% of her time in the kitchen, it’s imperative that I have the right tools for the job. That means tough, durable, bang-upable gear and gadgets.

Now I’m still the gal that walks through a store and sees a “mark down el cheapo” something or other and freak out!! OH MAN it’s too cheap not to get it and try it……

Let’s face it, those items are most often cheap for a reason. They’re MADE cheap! Add up all those gadgets that I’ve purchased and thrown away, and really, the only thing that remained cheap was the garbage bag that I threw them all into!

My father preached, “Buy quality and buy it once, buy crap and just keep on buying”. Now that was often in regards to fishing poles and duck hunting gear….but the same holds true with kitchen equipment. I mean, I use MY stuff to cook said fish and duck!

So I ask you this:  How many spatulas, flippers, turners, etc. have you thrown away in your life? The handles break, the material melts…..We’ve ALL been there!

Now let’s take a look-see at this stuff…. This is the real deal holyfield of the utensil world!


48278-86Beautiful and sturdy stainless steel handles, durable material, and eye appeal that just won’t quit! Yep, runway worthy utensils…. It’s MY kitchen and if I want to have a catwalk in it I will :)

The silicone utensil in the top picture measures approx. 12″ in length and the composite spatula at the bottom measures approx. 14″ in length. Both pieces have a loop at the end of the handle for easy hanging and storage.

The folks at Paderno want one of you to have this set! So how do you enter?

Complete one or all of the following tasks and leave me a comment stating which you did (as well as a HUGE thanks to Paderno)

1.) Visit the Paderno website and request their full color catalog of wonderment by clicking “Catalog Request”:  Paderno Website

2.) In your comment, give me your best guess on how much you’ve spent on utensils that you’ve thrown away.

3.) Sign up to follow Modern Mrs. Cleaver via email by entering your email address on the right margin under “Follow Me” then clicking subscribe. I ask you to do this so you don’t miss the announcement of the winner. It’s a bummer when folks win and don’t see the announcement. The prize has to go to someone else. You will also receive my new recipes, posts, and giveaways right to your inbox.

Good luck everyone! I will be selecting a random winner on 04/20/13. The winner will have 3 days to claim their prize by submitting their mailing address to If the prize is not claimed, a new winner will be selected.

Thanks Paderno for hosting yet another giveaway and introducing home cooks to quality kitchen equipment!

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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48 Responses to Paderno Stainless Steel Handled Tool Set Giveaway (Closed)

  1. I requested a catalog…I say about $50 I tend to buy quality as well :) and I already subscribe to your email!

    Danielle Williams

  2. Lyle McLeroy

    Catalog requested! I’d guess $25-$30 is what I’ve spent on stuff I’ve thrown away. I’m already following your blog.

  3. Susan Willard

    I just received a catalog about two weeks ago, I already subscribe to your email, and I have recently thrown out cheap utensils that have broken, probably 25-30 dollars worth. Thank you Paderno and MMC for the opportunity to win the beautiful utensils.

  4. Mona Davis

    Through the years, I’d guesstimate that I’ve thrown/given away $1,000.00 in utensils I no longer found worth the space they were taking up. 1.) check; 2.) check; 3.) check. HUGE thanks Paderno and MMC!

  5. Annetta McFarlen

    I requested their catalog. I am looking forward to receving it. I hav bought and thrown away more than I can count. Hundreds

  6. Thanks Paderno for the awesome giveaway! I’ve already received their catalog. I reckon its about $100 worth of utensils that have found their way to the trash, they definitely aren’t cheap! I get your newsletter at

  7. Donna Smith

    would love to have a catalog as I am one that cannot get the right tools for what I need and wind up throwing them out

  8. I am a MMC subscriber. I have spent a lot of money on useless utensils. Tank you MMC and Paderno for this giveaway!

  9. Terri Conner

    Huge thank you to Paderno for this wonderful giveaway! I’ve just received their beautiful catalog. I’ve thrown away several hundred dollars worth of cheap utensils. I already subscribe to MMC. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  10. Jessica Carlson

    I of course follow you, and almost always manage to get hungry (even right after eating) when I check out your posts

  11. Lisa Elder

    Hi MMC, I thank Paderno for this nice giveaway. Who doesn’t need new cooking utensils. I requested a Paderno catalog, subscribed to your emails. And, I’d have to say I’ve thrown away $100 worth of utensils…ugh!

  12. I am not sure how much i have spent, but I just made a stir fry the other night and the scratch proof turner that I used was so limp that with a heavy load to turn over it was so springy it flung the food up in the air and all over the place…oh for a decent pancake turner!!!!!!!! :(

  13. I have a Paderno catalog and have a number of items on my wish list. :)

  14. Shelley B

    Done or have done all requested
    Utensils, gosh I don’t know. I have thrown out quite a few and just recently a few spatula’s
    I’ll go with 50-100$

  15. Harrison Hamada

    I already have their catalog. It’s absolutely gorgeous and alot of items are on my wish list. I’ve spent hundreds on disposables. I already follow you

  16. Kelly H.

    I requested a catalog.

    I’ve probably spent a total of $50 in my adult cooking life throwing things out…especially spatulas.

    Thanks Paderno for doing the giveaway!

  17. Tara Knott

    Hi :) i already have Paderno’s catalogue and I m going to guess that I have thrown out $50+ because of cheap utensils. Thanx MMC and Paderno for the chance at some great ones!!

  18. Shawn J

    1.Thank you Padernos for the awesome giveaway and thank you MMC.
    2. I already have the catalog 3.I already follow you. I have probably spent 20-30 dollars.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  19. Patricia Banda

    I have probably spent $40-$50.

  20. Sherie

    I’m sure over the years I have spent around $100 on utensils that didn’d last. These look wonderful! I have signed up to follow you and Padernos. Thank you for your wonderful giveaways!

  21. Jeff Marquis

    I already have the Paderno catalog and of course follow you everywhere,(no, I’m not a stalker) so here’s my comment. I HAD to have a garage sale some years ago and sold most of my utensils. All my knives and Oxo stuff. Have used plenty of cheap ones since then so I guess I’ve spent several hundred bucks on utensils over the years. BTW those Paderno ones will match my meat pounder. :) Thanks Mrs.C and thank you Paderno.

  22. Jessica Carlson

    I’ve just recently received my Paderno catalog…awesome!!!

  23. Mary Plut

    I already have their catalog, thanks Paderno for the giveaway! I am embarrassed to say I’ve probably spent at least $50 the past few years (gosh hope my husband doesn’t read this! He always says the same thing as your Dad- always buy the quality item) on low quality utensils. I still use a broken spatula for my scrambled eggs! (pathetic, I know!) thanks MMC for the giveaway, I love reading your emails!

  24. Meg Hobbs

    I have the Paderno catalog and a wish list as long as my arm. Thanks, Paderno, for another fabulous giveaway! Thanks, MMC. Ihave 3 drawers of kitchen gadgets/utensils and 3 crocks on the counter. I’m sure I spent several hundred on junk over the years but learned the value is in something you keep, that lasts for years, even if the initial investment is higher.

  25. Susan St.

    I have the Paderno catalogue.. it’s my wish book! HUGE thanks to Paderno, not only for the giveaway but for amazing products! I subscribe to the MMC newsletter. I’ve probably thrown away hundreds in cheap utensils after their initial shine wears off. The quality products I have are still going strong!

  26. Carleen

    I have been following you only a short time here but on Facebook a good little while. I have my Paderno catalog on my kitchen counter right now and I love it! My best guess after cooking for 44 years on what I have tossed out in utensils and the math of it hurts my brain this early BUT! I am going to say well over $50-100 dollars. :D

  27. Susan Hatcher

    I have requested their catalog.

  28. Susan Hatcher

    I tend to hoard utensils. Probably haven’t thrown away many. I retire them to our camper when I replace in kitchen. :)

  29. Susan Hatcher

    I subscribe to your emails.

  30. Jessica Carlson

    I would have to say that I have EASILY spent over $150, if not closer to $250 on kitchen gadget over the years (and I’m ‘only’ almost 39) that I have either broken and thrown away, just thrown away because I was totally unhappy with it, or pawn off the piece of junk onto some other poor unsuspecting fool!

    Oh, and Paderno is totally awesome! Thank you both again!!

  31. Karen Delaney

    I requested their catalog

  32. Karen Delaney

    I subscribe to your emails

  33. Karen Delaney

    I have probably spent close to $200 on cheap utensils…until I got smart, and as I replace them, I try to save up to buy commercial/restaurant quality replacements.

  34. Anne

    I am an email subscriber to The Modern Mrs. Cleaver. I’m not requesting a Paderno catalog because I avoid paper catalogs, and their online interactive catalog is great.

    I’ve been through a lot of cheap utensils in my time (maybe $100 or $200 over the years), but I’ve learned to be more selective.

  35. Robin Chesser

    I’ve probably spent close to 100.00 dollars on cheap stuff before I got smart.! Huge thanks to Paderno!

  36. Robin Chesser

    I already subscribe to your emails and glad I do!

  37. Robin Chesser

    I drool over the Paderno catalogue already.

  38. Lisa Whitley

    I’ve probably given/tossed $100 worth of utensils that just didn’t “stack up”…!!! Would LOVE some great pieces!

  39. Ordered the catalog today. Suscribed to your emails. Love your posts on FB. I have probably thrown away $100 or more on stuff that doesn’t last or breaks. Starting to replace with the good stuff. Can’t wait to get my catalog. Thanks for the giveaways.

  40. Betty Thorsvig

    So happy you shared Paderno. They look awesome. I would say I have thrown away about $50 worth of spatulas over the years. Sure would LOVE these. Keeping fingers crossed. (love your web/Facebook/email)

  41. modernmrscleaver

    Manual entry for Rachel Worley

  42. modernmrscleaver

    Manual entry for Donna Briggle-Smith

  43. Beverley Williams

    I have requested a catalog.

  44. Beverley Williams

    I follow you via E-mail

  45. Beverley Williams

    I have probably spent $100 on utensils I have thrown away. Of course I have been buying them for over 30 years.

  46. modernmrscleaver

    Manual entry for Carolyn Beckman

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