Crunch Wraps

You’ve heard of these…..I’m sure of it!

My teenager LOVES Taco Bell and these crunch wraps are his favorite thing to order there.

I however, can’t stand Taco Bell and decided to teach my teen how to make them for himself. Cheaper, better, educational right…..

{Sometimes I think I’m just asking for trouble}

My 11-year-old loves spending time in the kitchen and follows pretty much every direction given in order to make good food.

My 17 old… Not so much! He’s of the mindset that anything cooked on high will just get done faster. He adds food coloring to his sandwiches just to make them unique, and puts cheese on his peanut butter and jelly.

He’s a wonderful kid, so I excuse his lack of kitchen skills.

That is I excused them until I decided come hell or high water I was going to teach this child how to cook! He’ll be in college soon and I can’t bear to think he’ll be frequenting drive thru’s every night.

So the other night, when my son has his friend over, I decided to tackle this thing head on! I called them both into the kitchen to make these crunch wraps.

I should have known…. My warning alarms should have gone off when they were excited to cook. They asked if they could be on my website, you know like my youngest is from time to time, and they got wicked excited!


So in a nutshell~ Yes I taught them how to cook!

I also got an 80′s fashion show and retro tunes, with some ridiculously zany teenage boys. I’ll call it a win, but man o man did I earn that win!

So here they are, in all their glory, showing y’all how to make these crunch wraps.

{FYI the crunch wraps really are GREAT….don’t let THEM scare ya}


2 crazy kids

1 1/2 pounds ground beef

1 tablespoon chili powder

1/2 tablespoon paprika

1 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon kosher salt

queso or nacho cheese

tortillas- burrito size

tostada shells

shredded lettuce

shredded cheese

diced tomato

sour cream

(optional- onion, olives, salsa)


Shield your eyes as your two favorite teens blind you with their 80′s throwback attire. Just so ya know…they came walking in to theme music. Pump up the Jam was cool to them…until they realized this mama knew the words!

IMG_2931-1{Their future’s so bright…they gotta wear shades}

Brown the ground beef and drain off any grease. Mix the seasonings together and add as much as you like to flavor the meat. Sprinkle in a few teaspoons of water to incorporate the seasonings.

Assemble all your ingredients and place a tortilla on a flat surface.

Spread a large spoonful of  queso into a circle in the middle of the tortilla.


…um YO!

Sprinkle some meat on top of the queso.


Place a tostada shell over the meat, then spread the top with sour cream.

Sprinkle with lettuce, tomato and shredded cheese.

(This is where I said, “Can you go slow while I take pictures of you sprinkling?)

Like this ma??

IMG_2972-1No…..but sure!

Grab another tortilla and, using the lid to the sour cream or other round object, cut a small circle out of the tortilla.

Lay that on top of the lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

IMG_2941-1Then you want to start bringing the edges of the bottom tortilla up over the top and pleat/fold it. It sounds tricky…’s not tricky!

Bring an edge up, then another piece, and another….it just kinda comes together and you quickly “get it”.


IMG_2981-1Place a skillet over med-low heat and add just a dribble of oil.

When the pan is hot, gently transfer your crunch wrap to the pan by flipping and lowering the folded sign down into the pan.

Gently press the top of the tortilla to make sure the entire bottom is touching the pan. Let the bottom heat for a few minutes then check for light golden brown color.

Flip the crunch wrap over and let the other side heat and turn golden.

IMG_2999-1What you end up with is a fabulous, crunchy, self-contained pocket of mexican food goodness!

What I ended up with were two teen boys who successfully learned how to cook a meal. Now they just need to learn how to clean up!

IMG_2989-1Peace Out,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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7 Responses to Crunch Wraps

  1. Christine Henry

    Love the recipe! I can get my 15 yr old daughter to make these…she loves to cook. :-) Gota tell ya though…those boys crack me up!!! Well…at least you know the idea of them cooking for themselves is a possibility!

  2. OneTiredMama

    Love love love! The boys are awesome! Love the pics, isn’t it funny how our kids think the 80′s are so awesome? My girls like to put on some of the outfits I kept! I even have a few dresses, and my daughter has worn it! Good times for sure! The crunch wraps look awesome and easy! My kids will love it!

  3. Chrystal S

    They discontinued this at my Taco Bell (I think all over So Cal too). I always had them switch the beef to chicken though. So I think Ill make this but with chicken :)

  4. Jeff Marquis

    Mrs. C that hand sign would mean “2-10″ in San Antonio. That’s the area code for all of SA. Anywhere else I have no idea. Love that recipe. Gonna try something like it this weekend but on the BBQ grill. If it doesn’t rain…….

    • modernmrscleaver

      I’m in San Antonio so I guess that makes sense! Although we’ve only been here a year so I’m obviously not up on my hand signs :)

  5. Ginny

    Can’t wait to try them – especially since my grandchildren are coming for a visit and my grandson loves Taco Bell and there aren’t any that close to where we live. This will make his visit more enjoyable. I’m going to make them this week also – my son loves Mexican food and so do I. I want to give it a try. It sounds scrumptious.

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