Le Creuset & Bonne Maman Giveaway! (Closed)

It’s all about the extra little touches in my world…..

When I wrap presents at Christmas time, I spend 3/4 of my time adding ribbons and bows. I have thick ribbon that goes around horizontally, which meets up in the middle with the ribbon that goes vertically.

That gets topped with a bow, which gets adorned with curling ribbon….like half a spool of it!

It makes the package look special.

The same is true in my kitchen….After I make baked goods, I take a little extra time to make them look extra special. I serve things with pretty napkins, I garnish, and I try to serve things on plates and patters that make the food look its best.

The giveaway I have for you today is all about the extra touches too!

Check out this 3-tiered stand from Le Creuset. Mine is a brilliant blue, however there are several other colors to chose from.

IMG_3251-1It’s making my Strawberry & Cream Scones look might appetizing! You can find the recipe for those scones by clicking the following link:

Strawberry & Cream Scones

I served the scones with 2 delicious jams from Bonne Maman. Thick, fruity, and indulgent!


Delicious scones, beautiful stand, delicious jams….. I was a winner that morning!

So if you’re “All About The Extras” and would like to win this package (stand and jams), complete one or ALL of the tasks below. Each task earns an entry. Simply leave me ONE comment below. stating which tasks you completed or have completed in the past. (Please make sure you enter your FIRST and LAST name)

I will be drawing a winner on 05/23/13. The winner will have 3 days to claim their prize by submitting their mailing address to modernmrscleaver@yahoo.com  Good Luck!

1.) Visit the Le Creuset Website and tell me which color stand you would like to win:   Le Creuset Website

2.) Visit the Bonne Maman Website and peruse their delicious jams:   Bonne Maman Website

3.) Sign up to follow my blog via email by entering your email address in the right margin under “Follow Me”, then click subscribe. You will get an email asking you to verify your wish to receive my emails. You’ll never miss a new recipe, giveaway, or announcement again!

So there it is…..3 ways to enter and 3 ways to win!

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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94 Responses to Le Creuset & Bonne Maman Giveaway! (Closed)

  1. Shannon Stell-Winters

    Lovely! The cherry stand would look great in my kitchen.

  2. I would love to have a three-tiered server in Cassis. It would match a serving platter I have in the same color. I subscribe to your newsletter.

  3. I love the purple!

    Danielle Williams

  4. The blackberry preserves sound amazing!

    Danielle Williams

  5. Jeffrey

    The color Marseille would go the best in my kitchen. I could use something like this to display the vegetables from my garden. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Jeffrey

    The Bonne Maman Wild Blueberry Preserves would be my first choice and the Apricot-Raspberry sounds good too.

  7. I subscribe to your emails :)

    Danielle Williams

  8. Jeffrey

    I get your email updates at jefflammers at rocketmail dot com.

  9. BJ Wells

    I love the Soleil stand. Beautiful. Enjoying your website. I check out your site on the web, through FaceBook (Tillie Lilly) and emails direct from you.

  10. Sandy Headtke

    Love the eggplant purple

  11. I would love the Purple stand, to hold all my goodies
    Cheryl Freed

  12. Sandy Headtke

    Would love to try the fig jam

  13. Sandy Headtke

    I subscribe to your email

  14. The recipe for the spinach salad using the strawberry preserves sounds awesome!

  15. pam mcclintock

    I like the red one

  16. Becky Salter

    Most of my kitchen is decorated in red. So I would LOVE the Cherry stand. :)

  17. Heather B

    I would love the green one.

  18. Becky Salter

    The mandarin preserves on pancakes looks amazing!

  19. Becky Lehman

    I would love to have the 3 tiered plate in the cherry. I would like to try the four fruit preserves. I also subscribe to your e-mails.:)

  20. AnnaZed

    1.) I would so love to have that pretty Le Creuset stand in the red which they call ‘Cherry’. like you I love to make things extra pretty on the table.

    2.) From the Bonne Maman site I often buy their Cherry Preserves but for a different reason; it pairs so well with some Brie!

    3.) I follow your blog via email to this box: margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  21. suzanne grazier

    I did all three of your tasks. The cherry would be beautiful and I would like to try the four fruit preserves. I also subscribed to your emails. Thank you.

  22. Rachel Buttaccio

    I visited the Le Creuset website, and I like the stand in Cassis the best. I think it would look very well next to my china. I also visited the Bonne Maman website, and their products look delicious! And I already follow your blog via email. Thanks, MMC!

  23. Pam Robinson

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the cherry red, I have a few pieces of Le Creuset pieces in that color and love them. The strawberry preserves to go with my cranberry scones with double devon cream would be amazing. I already follow you by email.

  24. Anne Kirton

    I love the cherry stand on the Le Creuset website. The colors are all very nice, but I like the cherry best. I have visited the Bonne Maman website and their preserves look very good. I am subscribing to your emails also.

  25. Anissa Ann Goulding-Valente

    Ohhh I love the Cherry it’s perfect for all holidays and makes your goodies just Pop off the plates. Awesome.

  26. Rhonda Murry

    I have done all three tasks . I love the same color of stand you have MMC . I follow your site and have cooked some of your recipes . And I spread the word of your site to others as well .

  27. Carolyn Breslauer

    I enjoy your blog and newsletters. I would love to win the stand in the brilliant blue color…the blackberry and the strawberry jam sound marvelous as well. Thanks for offering a chance to win.

  28. Susan Steinick

    Orange is my favorite. Bonnie’s site wasn’t working right and wouldn’t let me enter my zip code.

  29. Donna Becker

    I visited the Le Creuset site, I love going there and loved the purple stand. I also visited the Bonne Maman site and loved the sound of their peach and strawberry perserves. I also am already subscribed to your blog. Thank you Donna Becker

  30. Janell

    Wow! Le Creuset’s site has lots of colors. I like the Cherry Red and Flame Orange. At Bonne Maman the plum, apricot and fig look good. Already subscribed to your blog (that’s how I heard about the giveaway). Janell

  31. Cherry or Cassis~ both are gorgeous!
    The apricot looks delicious!

  32. Lyle McLeroy

    I would love the red/cherry stand! We love Bonne Maman jams.

  33. terribetz

    Love the yellow!
    Want to try the Cherry jam!
    Already subscribe to your newsletter!

  34. Lennie

    I visited both websites: Bonne Maman and LeCreuset. I love these jams. I choose Cherry and Apricot to win.
    I want to win the blue three tiered stand too.

  35. Susan

    I love the green…it would go with my decor most. Thanks.

  36. Susan

    I am already a subscriber.

  37. Susan

    I visited the Bonne Maman Website and perused their delicious jams and also checked out their recipes. Yummy.

  38. Deanna

    Already subscribe to your newsletter! I visited both sites. Would love to have the blue stand and the blackberry preserves sound great!

  39. Nancy Narma

    I would,love,love,love to win the stand in the perky shade of “SOLEIL”–all of the colors are tempting..but Soleil will look wonderful in our new kitchen colors of yellow,cobalt blue and white..I can picture some luscious frosted cupcakes displayed on it right now!

  40. Nancy Narma

    I already receive your emails and look forward to them. You always share such yummy dishes and wonderful ideas with all of us..Many thanks!!

  41. Nancy Narma

    I checked out the Bonne Maman Site and thought I would definitely pick the Apricot/Raspberry variety..THEN, I looked up what was is the “Four Fruits” flavor and changed my mind!! OHHH..Cherries, Strawberries, Red Currents and Raspberries!! What a delicious-sounding combination–then they had me completely convinced with the photo of the waffles dripping with butter and preserves..and the recipe for sweet granola bars!!

  42. Sheryl M

    I love the blue (my favorite color) stand.
    Preserves, I would choose cherry and apricot.
    I have been following your blog for quite a while now – love it – love you.

  43. Joy

    I love the Cassis platter and the Mixed Berries and the Red Currant sounds the best!!

  44. Pat Zaborniak

    Love the Cassis stand and the raspberry jam sound good. Already on e-mail.

  45. Cindy

    I would love any of the stands but I really liked the eggplant purple one the most. All of the jams and jellies looked amazing but Raspberry always has been a go to favorite for my family. Have a great day and good luck everyone!!! :)

  46. barbara

    The green one would go perfect in my kitchen!!!! Love your posts and blog. Keep them coming.

  47. Denise

    I’ve done 1,2, and 3! The blue LeCreuset stand would look lovely in my kitchen!

  48. theresa krier

    your stand is amazing, i would love it in the cherry. i eat preserves everyday, yum!

  49. Cheryl Stone

    The blue one is gorgeous!!!

  50. I would love the eggplant purple, beautiful!

  51. Terri C

    The blueberry preserves look wonderful, what a neat company!

  52. Terri C

    I follow via email, always enjoy your blog. Wonderful recipes!

  53. Tara Knott

    Would love to have a cherry stand although they are all gorgeous :) after looking and drooling over them, I went and drooled some more over the yummy looking preserves at Bonne Maman…think I would try the mandarin one first :) thanx for the giveaway!!!

  54. Donna Scram

    I would love to have the three tiered stand in the blue.I could display my strawberry scones on it.

  55. Sharon

    I completed all three:

    1- I would choose the Marseilles color – it’s gorgeous!

    2 – Bonne maman – the fig and strawberry look delicious!

    3 – I subscribed to your emails. Thank you!

    S h a r o n S c h m i d t

  56. Shelley B

    Cherry tier
    Raspberry preserves
    I subscribe already :)

  57. Jessica Carlson

    I really like Le Creuset’s Cherry 3-tier stand, it’s really pretty.

  58. Jessica Carlson

    Mmmmmm, blackberry from Bonne Maman!

  59. Jessica Carlson

    And of course I follow you.

  60. Karen Foster

    I have signed up for your blog and I went to the Le Cruset website and I love the color Marsaille and I love the 3-tiered plate. Thank you

  61. Jeff Marquis

    Howdy again Mrs.C. I went to the La Creuset website and would want to win the green one. Although the dark purple one is cool too. Checked out the Bonne Maman site too. Makes me miss my moms jelly’s even more. Never had the guts to make my own. Maybe someday.
    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  62. Michelle

    Although I love the purple, I think I would have to go with the red color. I checked out the jams and have already been subscribed to your blog for awhile. Hint:: starving student LOVES your Asian pork ribs! Lol

  63. Kendra Cross

    The Flame tier is so pretty
    The fig preserves and the apricot-raspberry preserves both look so yum
    And I follow your blog

  64. Jennifer Neumann

    Can’t decide between flame and cherry……..decisions, decisions.

  65. Mary Plut

    ooo I love the cherry tier! And thanks for recommending the Bonne Maman website, I would love to make your strawberry scones! Of course I already follow your blog, it’s the highlight of my day! ;-)

  66. The green tier, or Fennel as they call it, would go beautifully in my kitchen.

    The wild blueberry and the cherry preserves look yummy!

    I follow your blog and receive updates via email.

    By the way the strawberry and cream scones look delicious!

  67. Shawn J

    1. I like the flame color.
    2. I would like to try the peach.
    3. I subscribe to your emails.
    smjohns63 at yaahoo dot com
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Shawn Johnson

  68. Ok Landshark

    Red stand. Fire engine, lipstick, hair on fire red stand!

  69. Ok Landshark

    Blueberry is my fave Bonne Maman flave!

  70. Ok Landshark

    I already follow your page, blog, site, and don’t know what I’d do without you, MMC! <3

  71. Stacie Johnson

    Oh how I would love the purple one! Also love blackberry preserves. Thank you!

  72. Carleen

    Definitely the Cassis!!!! Gorgeous color! I already follow your blog and check your Facebook page every couple of days for new ideas :) And blackberry preserves are my all time favorite. Thanks for all you do!

  73. First I love your sites and my family loves your food you share with us.
    My color choice would have to be Marseille. Hubby Likes cherry but I’m entering lol. Now the blackberry preserves would have to, will have to be a must. Thanks so much for all you share.

  74. Elizabeth Miller

    I just love the cherry color, though, really all of the colors that their products come in are beautiful. I do think the cherry is my absolute favorite.

    I love Bonne Maman, my mother has been buying their products for as long as I can remember. I’ve grown up on the stuff! I enjoyed looking at their recipes of the month.

    Also, signed up for your newsletter!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway :)

  75. Rachel Costenbader

    I would love to win three tiered stand in Flame! All of the preserves look amazing! I couldn’t choose just one!

  76. Patricia

    the cherry would look great in my kitchen! :)

  77. christina

    OOOO…. The cassis would look great….what a great color!

  78. 1. I really like the cassis for the stand

    2. I would like to try their flavor of the month…Strawberry!

    3. I subscribe via email

  79. Susan Christy

    I like the yellow

  80. Susan Christy

    Mandarin Preserves – YUM

  81. I love it in the Red color — beautiful!


  82. Visited the Bonne Maman Website! Not sure if this counts as an extra entry??


  83. I subscribed to your emails!


  84. I said blue in my comment…but i see the actual name of it is marseille.

    subscribed to your emails.

    chevybelair1 at juno dot com

  85. I like the cherry preserves at the Bonne website

  86. My favorite would have to be the blue!

  87. I absolutely love the Bonne Maman jams (raspberry is my favorite!)


  88. I love the cherry red is my color of choice for the Le Creuset 3-tier stand. I love their products! I can’t wait to try some Bonne Maman Golden Plum Mirabelle preserves, they look scrumptious! I also subscribed to your blog. :)

  89. I love the Flame! It matches my other Le Creuset and my kitchy kitchen. The jam looks so yummy. Thanks for the opportunity to enter another contest!

  90. Nancy Maynard

    This is so pretty! I want a blue one!

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