Virgin Melon Berry Slush

This drink SCREAMS summer….

It’s a crowd pleaser, kid pleaser, ME pleaser!

I won’t waste a lot of time explaining this one, other than it’s fruity, cold, slushy and refreshing. Sound good?

This recipe makes a full blender full of drinks, but they’ll go fast!

(I buy a large seedless watermelon, cut into small chunks, and keep them frozen just for this drink.)


1 quart size bag of frozen watermelon chunks, seeded

1/2 cup fresh squeezed lime juice (I get key limes when I can)

1/3 cup sugar

6 strawberries, stemmed

1/4 cup milk

sugar for rimming glasses

ice….lotsa ice


Assemble all of your ingredients and put the milk and lime juice in the bottom of the blender.

Fill the blender half-full with ice.

Add the strawberries, sugar, and enough frozen watermelon chunks to fill the blender.

Blend on low speed, stopping occasionally to move the ice around until it begins to incorporate.

Add the remaining watermelon after the mixture begins to blend and reduce. Stir by hand a bit if your blender is having difficulty moving through the ice.

Add more ice at the end if needed to achieve a thick “slush”……



Drink……Enjoy…..Repeat x 3

Signing Off,

Modern Mrs. Cleaver

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  1. Jeff Marquis

    Hi Mrs. C. Its me Eddie Haskel. LOL. No just Jeff. I love key limes as well. So good. Use em anytime anywhere. Even in place of lemons. I tried posting a comment with the new system you’re using and don’t know if its me or my phone, but I couldn’t comment on it. It took my entry but no space to comment. Would love to win the black cutting board. Thanks slot for everything.

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